Scuola Secondaria di I grado G. Bovio

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Bovio Secondary Low School is located in Foggia, a medium size city of about 160,000 inhabitants and it is mainly based on agricultural activities. Our school has 900 students, among whom there are also pupils with special needs, followed by specialized staff, 95 teachers and 17 administrative staff.
In the school building there are about 36 classes, 2 gyms, 2 computer lab, a multimedia laboratory for learning foreign languages, a large auditorium and a library. Outside there is an area devoted to outdoor sports. Each class is quite well equipped. The school offers students a variety of activities in order to Information and Communication Technologies the ITC and it allows them to acquire the European Licence for computer (ECDL), language courses (English, French, Spanish), Maths, Art, Design (the most important educational activities is the creativity in art and design, our students using advanced techiniques), Music, and finally Olympiads on various levels, sport competitions or competitions in both human and natural sciences.“Bovio Secondary School” has an orchestra that is at the first places in the national competitions of music and a football team named such as the school, that participates in the provincial, regional and national tournaments. The main motivation is developing and improving the student’s learning through an innovative teaching approach of applied science and use of ICT based on sharing, comparison and cooperation, with a strong emphasis on thinking skills, towards a common European "school-dimension" • production of common works and didactic material shared on dedicated internet sites, based on a comprehensive analysis and approach to the subjects • improving the teachers' approach to teaching transversal key competences and promoting active European cooperation, mobility and citizenship. Robotics is fast becoming an integral part of the school curriculum with its ability to integrate a broad range of subjects, encouraging students to think creatively, analyze situations and apply critical thinking and
problem solving skills to real world problems. The team is made up of 6 professors, 2 professors of mathematical sciences, 2 of technology, one of English language and a robotics expert. It is a very close-knit and competent team, for these teachers there will be no mobility for the next three years, but if a shift was desired by our ministry of Education, there will soon be the replacement of another teacher of the same discipline. Bovio Secondary school is a school with extensive experience in the implementation of international projects : E-twinning projects, Comenius and Erasmus plus, the last called ART AND DESIGN FOR A BETTER PLANET. In addition this project will give our students the chance to improve their English, to deal with other cultures and have European citizens aware that multicultural comparison is an extraordinary way to enrich and educate the future citizens.