Scuola Secondaria di I grado G. Bovio

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Bovio Secondary Low School is located in Foggia, a medium size city of about 160,000 inhabitants and it is mainly based on agricultural activities. Our school has 900 students, among whom there are also pupils with special needs, followed by specialized staff, 95 teachers and 17 administrative staff.
In the school building there are about 36 classes, 2 gyms, 2 computer lab, a multimedia laboratory for learning foreign languages, a large auditorium and a library. Outside there is an area devoted to outdoor sports. Each class is quite well equipped. The school offers students a variety of activities in order to Information and Communication Technologies the ITC and it allows them to acquire the European Licence for computer (ECDL), language courses (English, French, Spanish), Maths, Art, Design (the most important educational activities is the creativity in art and design, our students using advanced techiniques), Music, and finally Olympiads on various levels, sport competitions or competitions in both human and natural sciences.“Bovio Secondary School” has an orchestra that is at the first places in the national competitions of music and a football team named such as the school, that participates in the provincial, regional and national tournaments. The main motivation is developing and improving the student’s learning through an innovative teaching approach of applied science and use of ICT based on sharing, comparison and cooperation, with a strong emphasis on thinking skills, towards a common European "school-dimension" • production of common works and didactic material shared on dedicated internet sites, based on a comprehensive analysis and approach to the subjects • improving the teachers' approach to teaching transversal key competences and promoting active European cooperation, mobility and citizenship. Robotics is fast becoming an integral part of the school curriculum with its ability to integrate a broad range of subjects, encouraging students to think creatively, analyze situations and apply critical thinking and
problem solving skills to real world problems. The team is made up of 6 professors, 2 professors of mathematical sciences, 2 of technology, one of English language and a robotics expert. It is a very close-knit and competent team, for these teachers there will be no mobility for the next three years, but if a shift was desired by our ministry of Education, there will soon be the replacement of another teacher of the same discipline. Bovio Secondary school is a school with extensive experience in the implementation of international projects : E-twinning projects, Comenius and Erasmus plus, the last called ART AND DESIGN FOR A BETTER PLANET. In addition this project will give our students the chance to improve their English, to deal with other cultures and have European citizens aware that multicultural comparison is an extraordinary way to enrich and educate the future citizens.

The partners’tasks

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The tasks and responsibilities of each partner school:

Mestres Montaña School from Spain will be responsible for:
 The project to be completed on time.
 Regular communication with partners.
 The coordination of all meetings.
 The preparation and monitoring of the evaluating tools.
 The support to the rest of partners in the Maths contents related to calculation using manipulative rods.

Scoala Gimnaziala Mihai Eminescu from Romania will be responsible for:
 The ICT tools to be started and maintained during all the project time.
 Teacher training for the ICT tools to be used during the project.
 Technical support for every problem related to ICT
 The creation of a blog that will be fed by all partners.
 The support to the rest of partners in the Maths contents related to geometry ICT tools.

Scuola Secondria di 1 grado G. Bovio from Italy will be responsible for:
 The support to the rest of partners in Robotics.
 Writting and sharing the minutes of the meetings.

Escola publica Mestres Montana

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We are a state school with two classes for every level (pre-primary and primary education, 3-12 years old) placed in the south area of Granollers in the suburb neighborhood of Can Bassa. We are 33 teachers and 449 pupils. The immigration rate is 31,40%. The socio economic and cultural level of our families is medium-low and we are detecting more families with problems to face up educational expenses every day. In the management project of the school 2014-2018, one of the
main goals have been changing our methodologies especially in Maths and Foreign languages. All the staff of the school have been training in manipulative Maths, in particular in calculation using cuisenaire rods. We have understood that the process of learning have to be changed. It should be active experimentation, manipulation, symbolization, abstraction and generalization. In the new management project 2018-2022 some of the most important goals are: - Extend this new
methodology to the rest of the Maths fields such as geometry. - Include robotics and improve ICT. - Improve foreign language skills and expand it to different subjects. So, with these main goals we think that taking part in this project will provide us with the necessary knowledge and practise to carry them out by sharing our experiences and background. Another important motivation is offer our students the opportunity to maximize their inputs and outcomes due to their few opportunities and the risk of exclusion. We have held a meeting staff where we agreed to develop the Erasmus+ project. We have created a commission formed by the principal, the head teacher, one teacher of every cycle, a coordinator, the foreign language teachers and the Math expert that is working in our school. Most of them have a definitive position in the school.Then we have held another meeting with the community (parents, town council, staff) in order to approve applying for this project. The English teachers are going to coordinate, encourage and boost the project. As we are a commission we will not have any problem in case someone will leave their post in the future. We can contribute to the project with experience and expertise staff. We don't have experience in Erasmus+ but we have been working in E-twinning projects for 7 years and we have an European Quality label. The language coordinator (and English teacher) has experience in travelling abroad with students and school exchange.She has been teaching in USA as a foreign language, too. The other English teacher and the rest of the staff have experience in cooperative work with other schools of the region. We have an expert teacher working with us, Manel Ballesteros, he is a teacher trainer specialized in Maths, Geocaching, gamification and he is our ICT coordinator, too.

Euroland 2018

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Project title: EUROLAND

Main objective of the project: Exchange of good practices
Project start date: 01.09.2018
Project end date: 31.08.2020

Partner schools:
Mestres Montaña School from Spain
Scoala Gimnaziala Mihai Eminescu from Romania
Scuola Secondria di 1 grado G. Bovio from Italy